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 Coordinates for Google Maps (

 5 October 2006 – Portland, OR
45deg 29.152N, 122deg 38.092W, 28m (for google maps search <45.4858667, -122.6348667>)

7 October 2006 – R&N in Hood Cook, WA
45deg 44.916N, 121deg 39.225W (44.7486, -121.65375)

10 Oct 2006 – Barbara and Larry’s in Victoria, BC
48deg 26.334N, 123deg 20.850W, 45m (48.4389,-123.3475)

13 Oct 2006 – Vancouver, BC
49deg 11.865N, 123deg 10.632W (49.19775, -123.1772)

16 Oct 2006
Delhi (no coordinates)

18 Oct 2006 – Amritsar, India
31deg 38.041N, 74deg 52.582E, 185m (31.63401667, 74.8763667)


From here on in, the coordinates will be in their raw GPS form, to get the correct numbers to use Google maps, just divide the minutes (the number after degrees) by 60 and add as a decimal to the degrees.

ex. 49Deg 11.865N =49+ (11.865/60) = 49.19775  Also note that North is positive and East is positive, the other two are negative.

21 Oct, Dalhousie.  32Deg 32.084N, 75Deg 58.235E, 2010M

24 Oct, Chamba. 32Deg 33.113N, 76Deg 07.052E

26 Oct, Trek day 1+2. 32Deg 33.986N, 76Deg 11.421E, 2258M

28Oct. Trek day 3+4. 32Deg 31.978N, 76Deg 14.768E, 2702M

30 Oct. Orchard Hut. 32Deg 35.363N, 76Deg 10.816E, 1173M

31 Oct. Dharamshala. 32Deg 14.385N, 76Deg 19.505E, 1791M

4 Oct. Triund. 32Deg 15.870N, 76Deg 21.224E, 2915M


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