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Goodbye New World, Hello Old.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

After much anticipation, Claire and I have finally hit the road and made our way to Europe.  The last few weeks in Canada were really amazing, with such good friends and family and such a beautiful place, Switzerland is going to have a hard time winning me over, and it seems that as a final hurrah Canada thought it would give us it’s best.

As many know now, Claire and I were engaged a few weeks ago!  As part of the celebration, and to spend time together before going our separate ways in Europe, we took a three day, two night trip to Keith’s Hut, near Pemberton.  We followed the new, well marked summer trail and had the hut almost to ourselves.  There was one other occupant on our first night, then it was just us for the second.  Here are some photos to give you an idea of the beauty we were surrounded by.

Claire at Keith’s Hut Claire on her way out to collect water.

Seth feeds Ansel huckleberries Ansel feasting on huckleberries. She parked herself in a bush and just started munching, but couldn’t refuse the helping hand.

Claire and Ansel on the Anniversary Glacier moraine Claire and Ansel on the moraine of Anniversary Glacier.

  Sunset from Keith’s HutSunset from the hut.

Claire and Seth on Vantage Peak Claire and Seth at the top of Vantage Peak.

Vantage Peak Panorama (no thumbnail for this one, but beware it a 7+ MB file!).

After returning from our trip, we had only one day in Vancouver before Lindsay, Ansel, Claire and I headed to Hood River to see Rob, Nikki and Bridger.  In that day I managed to squeeze in my Transport Canada written test and passed!  That being the final hurtle, I am now a pilot! Yippee!

But back to the story, while we were in Hood River we went on a 10 mile mountain bike ride that ended at an incredible vantage over the Gorge (Lindsay has those photos), cliff jumped, went flying around Mt. Adams and the Goat Rocks, went to a camping going away party for our friend Ryan who quit his cushy engineering job to become a traveling rep for a mountain bike company (, and went shooting.

Claire with Bridger Claire with Bridger

As with every few month break that I take from Bridger, he had totally changed.  Now ambulatory, he could hardly stand walking and insisted on running pretty much everywhere!  He has a voracious appetite for books – especially fuzzy ones – and a fascination with the dogs, who also can’t help but to love him.

The going way party was great as it allowed us to see many old friends and we got to have a 15 person dance party in the tour van.  We packed it full, blasted the music and just rocked the thing!  So much fun.  I didn’t get many photos, but each person did get there chance at being photographed with while we were out shooting.

Claire with 22 Claire takes aim with the 22.

Rob Lindsay with 22 Rob watches Lindsay nail all the targets.

Nikki Riffle Nikki braces for the kick of the hunting riffle.  That was a big, loud gun that left us all a bit sore…

Claire hand gun Claire amazed at the power of the hand gun.  (She looks good with it, eh?)

Linday hand gun Lindsay pleased with the power of the hand gun :)

Well, even with all the fun and guns, all good things must come to an end.  Claire, Lindsay, Ansel and I left Hood River at 5:30 am on Monday and headed for Portland.  After a tearful goodbye with Ansel, Claire and I made our way to the check in line to start our 14+ hour journeys.

We have both made it safely to our respective destinations, so keep and eye on this space for more info once we have had time to get over jet lag.  I, for one, am ready for bed…and perfect timing too, it’s just about midnight here and that means that when I wake up tomorrow I should be over the worst of it (hopefully my writing has been coherent)!