Goin’ Rhino Hunting!

Well after our long trek, we decided that we wanted to relax a little and head to the jungle.  Neither of us had ever gone on any kind of safari, so we didn’t really know what to expect.  We arrived at our ‘Unique Wild Lodge’, expecting, of course, some uniqueness and wildness.  I think the wildest animals may have been the tourists clambering over each other for photos of rhinos, but overall we had a great time.  The best part was our lodge was that it was all-inclusive, all you can eat.  Although I think the appetite Seth and I worked up over chasing animals and bathing elephants may have been a little surprise for the staff, and we actually ate everything they had a couple of times! 

First we checked out the visitor’s center and enjoyed a sunset by the river.

imgp2000-medium.JPG    dscf1434-medium.JPG

The next day we woke up early for a foggy dawn canoe ride down the river, checked out the elephant breeding center where there was a 4-day old elephant (so cute and wrinkly!) and then Seth helped give an elephant a bath.  Or maybe the elephant helped give Seth a bath, judging by the way Seth was tossed into the river!  One interesting thing I learned about elephants is that they drink about 200L of water a day.  And watching how much they pee, I can believe it!

imgp2007-medium.JPG  imgp2015-medium.JPG   copy-of-imgp2018-medium.JPG

Finally we got onto the back of a big elephant to go rhino hunting.  We saw some big crocodiles, wild peacocks, and a few rhinos, including a mother and baby.  We actually got surprisingly close to the rhinos, they seemed relatively unconcerned by the excited people on the back of the elephant – I think they were more interested in the delicious plants.


Later on we watched another sunset, had a beer to celebrate our hunting success, and called it a night.  Now we are off to Kathmandu!

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  1. Hannah says:

    looks like you guys are having an amazing time, im so happy for you!! ill look forward to seeing you both when you guys come back to vancouver/victoria/north america.
    ps. claire did you bring my hoodie to india..bc it sure likes like mine hahaha

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