From the Dark Days…to the Light

Well after leaving Nirvana we have had quite the week!We saw a cool fort in Kangra and then set out on our train journey From Dharamshala area to Gorakpur.  imgp1873-medium.JPG   dscf1329-medium.JPG The wait for our first train at the lovely stationwas a good start, but then the train was 2.5 hours late, which would cause us to miss our connection, a relatively pricey and rare 21 hour sleeper train.  We had to fork out for a cab in order to make it.  On the train to Gorakpur we met some…okay, TONS, of very very friendly Indians giving us high hopes for our arrival.dscf1331-medium.JPG

But then I felt the dreaded upset stomach feelings and knew my last 7 or 8 hours were not going to be good.  I had become so sick by the end of the train ride that I was only able to walk in 30M spurts across the station before collapsing on the ground amongst garbage and homeless people.  Lovely.  And quite the show for everyone.  Seth was wonderful and found us a room right in the train station, above platform 1, but while I was waiting for him to do this I was groped by some kid.  Adding to my good times.  Pictures were NOT being taken at this time.

Further memories of the next few days, in which we were cursed, were being meowed at and laughed at by 7 adult men while taking my first shaky steps after illness, arriving late at night at a closed India/Nepal border and staying the night in a bed that was LITERALLY crawling with bugs, and then arriving in Nepal at last to realize there was a strike and all roads were indefinitely closed.  Ahh…good times.

Luckily the roads reopened the next day and we splurged on a cab for the last 5 hours to Pokhara.  We truly appreciate the luxuries here, staying in our own little cabin by the lake, and preparing for our 16+ day trek around the epic Annapurna range which starts tomorrow.  We will be spending the next two-three weeks away from it all, in the presence of 7,000M peaks, stopping at natural hot springs and following what is termed the ‘apple pie trail’ (aka we are going to eat our way to heaven as usual).  And luckily, our lovely guide has told us it is ‘yak killing season’ right now…whatever that means. 


6 Responses to “From the Dark Days…to the Light”

  1. Hannah says:

    Claire! i am so glad you are feeling better, and i am equally glad that there is finally a picture with you in your lady suit…it’s the green you’re wearing in the picture right? i like it a lot… a good fashion statement haha. miss you lots, love you lots

  2. Amanda says:

    Stop killing yaks you yak-killing bastards!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Also, I would just like to add that it wouldn’t be a trip if Claire didn’t get sick.

  4. Kristin says:

    Hi guys – sorry to hear you were feeling sick, Claire! Hope you’re all better now – sounds like quite the adventure. Take care! Love Kristin

  5. Sheldon says:

    Nice photos guys. Sheila and I look forward to seeing you both on your return. I am sure it will be quite the slide show!

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