Chocolate IS a major food group! (we tested it..)

Well we somehow survived our 37 hour, 2000+ km train ride from Hampi back to the north, and arrived in Delhi for the second time.  However, two and a half months in India really prepared us for busy cities, and Delhi seems a lot more calm, pleasant, and manageable than back in October.  For example, arriving at the train station, we were barely hassled at all.  When we were last at that station, we were surrounded by touts and beggars all yelling at us and trying to head us off in their preferred direction.  I think we have perfected the ‘icy look of death’…!

Thankfully all that traveling was not in vain!  Hampi was easily one of the coolest sights that we have seen in India. It is unfortunate that such a nice place has a name that reminds me of a friend’s hampster, also with the same name, but nonetheless it managed to rise above my prejudice.   Not only did it have the impact of ancient Rome’s ruins, but one tenth the people (and the price)!  Hampi is the town which sits amidst the remains of a huge empire which ruled most of South India until it was sacked in the 16th Century.  What remains is a 27km square protected historical site with hundreds of temples and carvings spread out among huge boulder fields and banana plantations.  The town is peaceful and friendly, (except for the mosquitos) and the landscape is vast and powerful, with huge rocks that seem to be precariously balanced on each other (for those of you who know Wyoming, notice the striking resemblence to Veedawoo – except for the banana plantations and the river).

imgp2111-medium.JPG  dscf1595-medium.JPG  dscf1575-medium.JPG

Although every single person told us it was “NOT possible” to cover the area on foot, we found that the roads didn’t really access everything we wanted to see, and walking was a much better pace anyway.  And less breathing in of exhaust.  So not only did we get some exercise, but we also got an in-depth tour of the plantation when we got lost and had to scale the palm tree and climb across the river to get back to the road.  After that we still felt like an adventure so we climbed to the top of the tallest mountain that we could find and took photo panoramas.

dscf1587-medium.JPG  dscf1585-medium.JPG dscf1567-medium.JPG

dscf1570-medium.JPG  dscf1590-medium.JPG

The rest of our time in Hampi was spent preparing for our marathon train ride.  After getting sick so many times we decided to try and take all our food with us.  The only problem was that the only food that could last in the heat was from the bakery and came prepackaged.  We have now proved that Snickers, chips and cake are all it really takes to survive in India.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Hi guys!
    I’ve been loving reading all about your travels and all the things you’re doing and seeing. But I am also interested in what it’s like for the people who live there; what are jobs/working conditions like? what are families like? what’s the level of education? what do most people do in a day? are they satisfied with their societal and governmental systems? I know you guys are spending a lot of time seeing and doing things and maybe aren’t talking to the locals about that stuff (how many speak english?), but if you do I’d be interested to hear it! Anyways, marvelous photos, nice stories, I look forward to continued reading! Cheers, m.

  2. Conrad says:


    Neat-ooo Architecture!!

    Bring me back one of those big wheeled buildings, would yeh?

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